Saturday, September 21, 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon Training - Week 4

 Let’s get right to it. :)

Sunday, 9/15

On Sunday morning I had plans to go out to breakfast with a friend and my husband.  The breakfast place of choice is not too far from me, I estimated about 1.5 miles.  I told my friend and my husband that I wanted leave a little earlier than them to run there and they could meet me there a few minutes later.  So I did!  It wound up being 1.29 miles door to door, not too shabby.  It was HOT, though, and since the sun was up I was of course running directly into it which is pretty torturous.  I was soaked with sweat by the time I got there, but luckily I beat them there so I had time to relax in the rocking chairs out front before they arrived.

Sunday afternoon I spent a bit of time chasing my 2.5 year old niece around a building for a family event we had.  That was fun to do in heels. :)

Monday, 9/16

I was still exhausted from the weekend so I skipped boot camp (sue me) and slept in a lot.  It was awesome.

Monday night, Anton and I did T25’s Dynamic Core.  It was our first time doing the workout and it wasn’t too bad.

Tuesday, 9/17

I had 3 miles on the schedule for Tuesday morning.  When I headed out of my house it was DARK out, it seemed darker than usual.  I was a little afraid but it lightened up quickly.

My splits weren’t that great…especially by mile 3 I was just ready to be done with this run.

On Tuesday night, Anton and I did T25 - Core Cardio.  I really do love that workout.  It makes me sweat a LOT, like dripping sweat.  It’s awesome.  Unfortunately, no picture. :P

Wednesday, 9/18

I went to boot camp in the morning and it was my least favorite circuit workout…. Resistance bands!  I just don’t get along with them, I don’t know what it is.  But my arms still hurt two days later, so whatever I did obviously worked.

Thursday, 9/19

I had 3 miles on the schedule again on Thursday.  I woke up feeling positive and got ready to go.  I bought a light-up armband thing to wear in my dark morning early runs so I can be more easily seen so this was my first time wearing it.


After RunKeeper told me my first mile was done in 16:47, I wasn’t exactly shocked.  I was feeling sluggish and heavy and tired and just wasn’t feeling it.  I decided to cut my run short and just walk home.  It was just a truly “off” day and my body was not feeling a run.  I ended with 1.69 terrible slow miles, average pace 17:47.

Friday, 9/20

On Friday morning I decided to try a redemption run to make up for Thursdays awfulness. I went to boot camp first and did a pyramid workout, one of the hardest ones we do at boot camp. I left a few minutes early so I could get my run in before the sun came up.  It was a beautiful morning. 

And the run was definitely better than Thursday. I was pretty happy with it especially right after boot camp. 

Saturday, 9/21

This morning I went to Insanity and pushed myself pretty hard. I didn't modify nearly as much as I used to and I felt pretty strong. Such a great feeling. 

Although I had 3 miles on the schedule for today, I decided to not do three miles for a couple reasons. 1) I ran on Thursday and Friday and 2) I am going to Disney today and will be doing a ton of walking so didn't want my legs to be TOO tired. 

What I did decide to do was run as fast as possible for one mile and see how fast I could do it. 

Off I went feeling good and strong and happy to be running. 

Well, I ran the whole mile straight without walking and finished in 13:50!!! My previous fastest mile was during a 5K in May at 14:06. My pace is usually a bit faster during races due to adrenaline and crowds etc, so to do this on just a normal neighborhood run, I'm pretty proud of myself and it truly shows my growth. :D

I walked the entire second mile and still ended below a 16 min pace. 

Awesome way to end a training week with 10.1 miles overall - now I'm going to Disney World!

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