Saturday, August 31, 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon Training - Week 1

I'm baaaaaaaack!

This time around I am training for the Space Coast Half Marathon taking place on December 1st. There isn't a time limit for the half so I won't have a repeat of my failed attempt at Disney's Princess Half Marathon. Granted I am much stronger and fitter now than I was 2 years ago so things would be different, but I am looking forward to not having that time limit pressure during this half. I just want to do the best I can and cross that finish line.

So while I am doing half marathon training, I'm also continuing with outdoor boot camp classes 3x a week, Insanity Pro Team 1-2x a week, and I'm almost halfway through a 10-week Shaun T program called Focus T25 that is a 25 minute workout 6x a week (2x Fridays). Once my mileage gets higher, I am going to cut back a bit on some of the other workouts.

Lets get to the recap for this week!

Monday, 8/26

Boot Camp was lots of fast paced cardio, lunges, squats, push-ups, etc, but it was cancelled after 30 minutes due to downpouring rain. This was day 1 of training and I had planned to run 2 miles after boot camp. Since it was raining, I was going to go to the gym and run on the treadmill (which I hate!) but luckily when I get about 10 minutes away from the park, it stopped raining so I decided to run on the main street next to my neighborhood. It turned out to be a beautiful morning!

Total distance 2.01 miles

--Mile 1: 16:37

--Mile 2: 16:40

Wore my new shiny Asics! they are so bright!

My legs were exhausted all day, but I still kicked it up and gave my all during T25 cardio after work.

Tuesday, 8/27

I decided to skip Tuesday morning Insanity to let my tired legs recover.

T25 after work was total body circuit. I stopped modifying so much and truly pushed myself. It felt so awesome and I totally nailed it compared to when I've previously done this workout.

Wednesday, 8/28

Boot camp was an arm workout with weights that left my arms sore for 2 days.

Followed by an awesome run!

Total distance 2.03 miles

--Mile 1: 16:24

--Mile 2: 16:07

T25 after work was Lower Body Focus which is basically a ton of lunges and squats.

Thursday, 8/29

My legs were tired, so I decided to just go for a slow walk to get some movement in - I walked 1.48 miles in 30 mins.

I had to work late that night so I skipped T25.

Friday, 8/30

Boot camp was one of the hardest workouts we've had in a long time. It was kettlebell hell and it was awesome.

Since I skipped T25 on Thursday night and Friday is typically double day Friday (two 25 minute workouts), I decided to tack on Thursday's workout, so that's 75 minutes straight of focusing on intense workouts - ab intervals, total body circuit, and speed 1.0. It was hard, but I felt so strong and pushed myself until the very end. I was so very sweaty!

Saturday, 8/31

This morning I did Insanity Pro Team round 2. This round is such a challenge for me and I have to modify pretty much all of it. I took it extra easy today since I did 4 really hard workouts yesterday and still has to run 2 miles after it was done. I left before the last block so I could try to get my run in before the sun came up. I got some crap from Wendy for leaving early but running facing the sun is a big difference than running just before the sun rises.

Running into the sun!

It makes me look like this LOL

Total distance 2.06 mile run

--Mile 1: 16:37

--Mile 2: 16:36

So that wraps up Week 1 of training! I'd call it a success.

Until next time!